At Spotlessmedia we bring all our experience of studio work and event photography to your business portrait.
We come to you and work with the ambient light and our own lights to create natural, professional headshots and environmental portraits without disrupting the other staff.
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man posing for staff photo in office
Staff shoot with studio lights in a busy office.

Shooting in the Factory

We are used to working in challenging environments, from dimly-lit, jaundiced factories, to harsh contrasty sunlight outside. We will endeavour to organise the best time of day for optimal light, but if circumstances conspire to make life difficult, we are more than capable of making the best of it.

Engineer in a factory inspecting tubes
Giving context to our staff portraits
Group of women posing for photo at work
Commercial group shot for ‘Women in Engineering’ article. The cluttered background is shown but knocked out of focus by the high-end 645z camera and lens.
Staff photoshoot on the factory floor
Spotlessmedia owner, Mark Dunk, shows the marketing dept how the image of the staff will look.

The Solicitor’s Office

We respond to the brief and to the nature of your business to create staff headshots entirely suited to the image you wish to portray.

Black and white staff portrait
Here, a mixture of window light and studio flash create just the right combination of drama and dignity for the boss! Black & white was a natural choice.

Staff Photography in the Studio

Of course, if you need absolute control and a neutral look, we can shoot you here in the studio, or indeed, bring the studio to you!

Business portrait in the studio
Low-key, neutral business portrait

The photographic rescue mission!

Recently, we were tasked with ‘fixing’ another photographer’s unsuccessful shoot. Unfortunately, as they were now close to the print deadline, we had very little time to deliver, so we took a bagful of lights, and a laptop to work on the images as they came out of the camera.
We turned off the office lights and relied on the large window and well-defused flashes in the background to create a bright, clean environment, free of harsh specular highlights and the otherwise pallid fluorescent illumination.

Two women at work in the office
Capturing the mentoring of a young woman in a productive office

Rapport is key! The group photo below, is more natural than their previous shoot, with lovely smiley faces from the now, relaxed staff.

Group staff photo
Group staff photo lit with two studio lights and showing their recent awards
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