The waning moon looked so beautiful this morning, I just had to stop and shoot it.
I thought I would try out the astro-tracing function in the Pentax K1 and take several shots to stack into one file. But in the end, the images from the K1 were so clear, I only needed one frame and no reason to set the sensor to follow the moon for a longer exposure.
Even at night, the moon is essentially reflecting daylight, so F8, 1/160th sec and ISO100 got a good crisp image.

The Pentax K1 is our wedding photography body. We bought it for its incredible dynamic range and sensitivity in low light. Weddings throw up lots of technical problems with low light and extreme contrast; the K1 has no difficulty shooting without flash in the church at 6400 ISO, or outside in the sun balancing the light of the bride’s dress against the dark suit of the groom.

This crystal-clear moon shot is a testiment to the quality of the equipment we bring to every event.

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Pentax K1 and DA*300mm