Private property photography

Whether it’s a B&B, rental or you are selling up, you need your property to really jump out from the listings and we’re here to help.

The most important thing you can do to sell or rent a house quickly is get it professionally photographed.

Professional photography generates many times more click-throughs for your property and is much more likely to be shared on social media or used prominently by the agent.

We bring all our studio experience to your property shoot, filling the rooms with a combination of ambient and studio lighting.

The rooms will look as bright and spacious as possible.

Photos of a bedroom arranged in Lightroom, ready for editing
Photos of a bedroom arranged in Lightroom, ready for editing

We will dress the room appropriately and advise you before we arrive. The part of the room that is in view needs to be spotless, well dressed and immaculately laid out. That might mean simply moving some things behind the camera, but for some folk, it might mean a major de-clutter!

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 Photography for Property & Interiors
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Photography for Property & Interiors
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Interiors and property photography for B&B, rentals and house sales. Staging service.