Classic portraits, captured in glorious high-end ‘medium format’. For massive files, incredible detail and beautiful skin tones.
These portraits are designed to be printed life-size. Nothing quite prepares you for the sumtuous detail and commanding presence of a life-size print, beautifully framed and taking pride of place by itself on a wall.

These photos are wasted on social media or printed small, you just have to see them full size!

Life-size prints show the figure approximately the same size, or bigger than real life. It could just be a head shot, so not necessarily a huge print, but if you stood next to it, the head would be life-size.

Medium format cameras, are rare and very expensive and contain a huge sensor, nearly twice the size of the poorly-named and more common ‘full frame’. This large sensor can capture more detail and the large photosites (51 million of them), have an easier time capturing the full range of tones, creating those beautiful, flattering gradations and gentle fall-off from light to dark.

Elegant sitting portrait

We also shoot conventional portaits of course, and an increasing number of people are opting for photoshoots and business portraits outdoors, or in their own environment, these ‘environmental portraits‘ capture the model working, or in their own home, with familiar decor.

We offer a range of print processes, from Giclée printing for that fine art, hand-made feel, to professional C-type prints on photo paper, for deep, rich tones.

If you are on a tight budget, then of course we can offer conventional prints and digital files for you to print yourself.

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Sumptuous, life-size printed and digital portraits. Studio shoots or in your home with your decor.