Splish Splash Salsa!

Every summer since 2010, Plymouth’s latin dancers have gathered down by the water, to enjoy a unique mixture of dancing, socialising, swimming and picnicking. I have been there from the beginning, as the event photographer and occasionally, throwing some mean shapes of my own!

This article will reveal some secrets and maybe explain why I’m always lying on the floor 😉


Shooting into the light with high Speed Sync

Here are regulars, Jose and Nayi from Spain, soaking up some actual British sun!



Event photography at Splish Splash Salsa in Plymouth

Salsa warm up by the water’s edge

Children dancing in the sun

Holding the camera in the shadow for the lovely low angle that works so well with children and also to provide those leading lines into the picture from the shadow’s edge. The camera is set to expose the sky properly, while the children are illuminated with flash set to sync with the very high shutter speeds the sky demands.



Dancers splish splash 2016

Getting down and shooting from the floor again, for long legs, beautiful contre-jour lighting and leading lines from the shadows.


Event photography in Plymouth Steve and Jenette dance at Splish Splash


Just one more flourish from Steve and Jenette at the end of the day.


‘Splish Splash’ is the only event I shoot free of charge and as a wedding photographer, the un-pressured photographic experience is invaluable.

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Event photography at Plymouth's 'Splish Splash Salsa'. Shooting into the sun with high-speed sync flash.