Wedding photography involves every kind of photographic discipline, from fine macro details to beautiful portraits; glorious landscapes to fast-paced dance photography. Your photographer needs to have a wealth of knowledge and experience and a glance around this site should reassure you that we are up to the task.
Our first wedding shoot was in 1986.  Magda and Mark have both youth, and old-school experience on their side
[edit: Mark’s the old one!]

Candid photo of Bride on Plymouth Waterfront


We will move around tirelessly, seeking those moments you will love looking back at. With a trained eye for a composition, these photos will look fabulous on the wall or taking pride of place in your coffee table book.


The photos below are all from real weddings. No cheating here!

We can print and frame your photos for you, create books or simply deliver the photos on disk.

Framed wedding photo on a wall
A printed wedding photo on the wall

Our Wedding Photography Equipment


We use very high-end cameras and we are the only wedding photographers in the South West shooting in sublime ‘Medium Format’, for extreme detail and beautiful tones. Nothing quite prepares you for the 3-dimensional rendering and exquisite quality of these huge prints.  All our cameras are capable of very high ISO, so we can shoot in dark spaces without flash.
We usually come with 3 cameras and 3 flashes. Each camera has two cards so we always have a backup.
Later in the day, we might employ larger studio lights and we can set up a portable studio to capture guests in all their finery!